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Jonathan is a designer, writer and creative in the radio and web industries known for creating blah blah blah and thinks writing personal descriptions in the third person looks stupid.

Hi, I'm Jon. I design websites and apps, make viral web nonsense, write comedy, and whatever else comes to mind.

I'm particularly interested in how technology changes how we create, discover and enjoy different media. And undercutting myself from sounding too serious about it by making a joke afterwards.

Basically, I make things about stuff.

Pixel version of Jon at a radio desk Making radio look nice

I'm the Chief Creative Officer at Aiir, working on innovative online tools for broadcasters, where I'm responsible for the look and feel of the in-house CMS and the design system that powers it.

As part of that, I've designed and built custom website templates for some of the biggest radio groups in the world, such as Bauer, News UK and Virgin Radio.

I was in charge of the initial concept, design and brand for the product Showhost, a tool to help presenters plan their shows.

Pixel version of Jon laughing Vaguely amusing things

I've written for BBC Radio 4's The Skewer, the multi-award winning satirical 'river of sound'. I provided additional material for Series 2, and was a commissioned writer for Series 3 and 4.

This includes editing Daleks in to the Houses of Parliament, mashing up Boris Johnson with episodes of Catchphrase, remixing twisted versions of the Shipping Forecast, Hotel California and government ads, which are all perfectly normal things to do in context.

And I've provided jokes for Union JACK Radio and Oxfordshire's Jack FM, for silly and topical quips in between songs from their station voiceovers.

Pixel version of Jon laughing Viral, but in a good way

The Break Your Own News meme generator website was made as a laugh and has got a bit out of hand.

It's had more than 2 million unique visitors and has become a format of meme around the world. It's annoyed the French government, been used in schools as an educational tool, and even inexplicably in the Bruce Willis movie Reprisal.

Screenshot from the movie Reprisal, showing a Breaking News meme on a piece of paper.


Other dumb things I've made have included the BBC Three Show Generator, a website that told you "Is Justin Bieber on Capital", a party game called Hot Take, and a version of Twitter that looks like Ceefax, called, you guessed it, Twefax.

Pixel version of Jon Other things which sort of sound impressive

Or sound like I've made them up. But I don't think I have. They're mainly here so I don't forget about them.

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You can email me,

I'm just about still on Twitter, @jonathanex.

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