9 Things That Will Make You Go OMG That's So True

Hey You Know When Someone Tells You Something And You Can Relate To It And It Feels So Meaningful When That Happens Because Like Maaan It Knows You So Here’s A List Of Things That Definitely Aren’t Blindingly Obvious But You’ll Totally Think That It’s An Amazing Work Of Human Psychological Impact Hey Look A Funny Picture Of A Cat

1. You Touch Something That's Hot Like Maybe Something That Was In The Oven Or Something And Ahhh It Hurts Because It's Hot

2. At The End Of A Day The Sun Goes Down And Then It Is All Dark And That Makes It Night Afterwards Then A Bit Later It Goes All Bright Again And Hey Look It’s Daytime

3. Life Is For Living Because If You Weren't Living You'd Be Dead And So Not Living I Never Thought About It Like That Amazing

4. When You Throw A Boomerang It Comes Around And Then Goes Back Around And That’s Kind Of Like Karma Or Someone Getting Their Just Desserts And It’s Always So Disappointing It’s Not Actual Desserts Because I Like Cake, But Then Who Doesn’t Like Cake I Could Really Do With Some Cake

Mmm I Would Like To Eat That.

5. When You Have One Number And Then You Add Another Number It Becomes A Different Number And It's Like Fucking Magic

6. When You Tell Somebody No And They Think It Means Yes But It Really Means No Because That's The Word You Said In The First Place In Answer To Their Question

7. You Look Up At The Sky And Wow It's So Blue

8. If You Knock Over A Glass Of Milk It’s Kind Of Sad But It Turns Out Your Own Tears Don’t Really Fill The Bowl of Breakfast Cereal In The Same Way And Is Thus Not Really Of Use

Picture: Michael Gil

9. When A Bus Has Wheels They Tend To Rotate And Then Continue To Do So

Picture: Savlor and Jmarini

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