Forget Instagram and InstaCRT. While they’re cool, and give a bit of that retro feel to those photos, it’s still not real enough. It’s still too digital.

So introducing my new app: Instickgram. Take a photo, tweet it to me (@JonathanEx) and it’ll go through our stick figure photo filter. And then you’ll find it on this page. Stick on the hashtag #instickgram for kudos, if you like.

Terms and conditions may apply. Photos will be done if and when the Instickgram “service” wants to. And don’t be rude.

Scroll down to see the photos so far!

P.S. I’m serious here, by the way.

Coming soon: Instickgram home edition. For £300,000, we will send you a small child to draw your Instickgram photos whenever you like. Additional costs (feeding, clothing, pens, paper, etc) may apply.


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