Sometimes I make appearances in the media to discuss gaming and journalism as my views on these sometimes have basis in expertise.

BBC Radio 1
10th August 2010 – Playtesting Xbox Kinect for Newsbeat
22nd May 2013 – Feedback on Xbox One for Newsbeat

Sky News
August 2011 – Gaming addiction
March 2011 – Playstation Network hacking
August 2008 – Discussing impact of piracy on games industry.

BBC World Service
March 2011 – Panellist on 30 minute program ‘World Have Your Say’ discussing Playstation Network hack.

BBC Lincolnshire
October 2011 – Guest on James Hoggarth show, chatting about life as a student in Lincolnshire.
September 2011 – Explaining student housing story at University of Lincoln.
July 2011 – Discussing student perspective on newspaper hacking.
March 2011 – Playstation Network hack.
November 2010 – Phoning in update with student protest at University of Lincoln.

BBC Radio 5Live
September 2011 – Discussing student housing, in light of story at University of Lincoln.

The Observer
7th March 2010 – Discussing 3D’s impact on films and games in video and print.

October 2007 – On American TV talking about Manhunt, Apple and more on a global panel.

Guitar Hero 2
I’m in the special thanks of the Xbox 360 version. No, really.

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