About Me


This is me. Hi.

I’m Jonathan Cresswell, and I make things about stuff. I’m the lead designer and front-end developer at Aiir, building cool things for radio stations. I also do silly sites, journalism, video and audio production and general sarcasm online about games, technology or that thing that’s going on.

I’ve also worked as a freelance web designer on projects for UK Radioplayer, a Learning Advisor at the University of Lincoln teaching on the BA (Hons) Journalism course, as well as presenting and working as part of the management team on Lincoln’s community radio station Siren FM, helping it win East Midlands Station of the Year 2013.

I graduated with a first in BA (Hons) Journalism at the University of Lincoln in 2012 and was the editor of the award-winning student-run publication The Linc, where my work was shortlisted twice for BBC Developing Talent award for innovation. I also was responsible for organising a media team at the DevXS conference making videos during a 3-day event, and conference media for Dev8D.

I’ve also got training and experience in media, through producing, presenting and editing video shows online, podcasts and a show on Siren FM.

I was been involved in video games journalism, co-founding British Gaming Blog with two friends and building up a strong reputation both in the UK and worldwide over four years. I’ve also written for the SyFy Channel website and occasionally appear as a pundit, with appearances on Sky News, BBC World Service and The Observer.

As well as that, I also make silly things on the internet like the BBC Three Show Generator, which was featured on the Huffington Post UK and numerous times in the Guardian, as well as a version of Twitter for Ceefax (Twefax) and a stick figure photo filter.

I tweet fairly often too.

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