Eurovision x Robot Wars score card 2015


euro2015As we all know, there’s only one way to truly decide a winner of something. It’s by ranking competitors on style, damage, aggression and control. That’s right, Robot Wars style.

For several years now, this has been the only way to watch Eurovision. Previously, I’ve produced score cards and an interactive website along with Alex, who first suggested this approach to the show.

It’s pretty simple. Each act, rate it out of 10 for Style, Damage, Aggression and Control. Not sure if those apply? Of course they do! For damage, think of it as damage done to other competitors. For control, overall control of their vocals and performance – is it looking or sounding messy?

…or take those categories however you like.

Then just tot up the scores and see who deserves your votes! Or, would if you actually bothered to vote.

It’s genuinely a lot of fun, particularly if you’ve got a party going on and getting people to decide on your group’s scores.

So we’re going low-tech this year, and if you want, print off your Eurovision/Robot Wars score card before the show tonight. If you play along – send me a tweet, @jonathanex.

Download the Eurovision x Robot Wars 2015 score card.

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