Your guide to General Election comedy

Have you noticed there’s a General Election on? Oh, a bit bored of it already? Makes sense. Maybe you could instead laugh at it, that might reduce the pain. Well how handy then that this so happens to be an incomplete guide to election-based comedy on TV and Radio.

It’s like the Radio Times but if you were only interested in political satire. A very niche version of the Radio Times.


Have I Got News For You
Fridays, 9pm
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Come on, you don’t need an explanation for this. If you’re a fan of an awkward atmosphere, watch episode 2 for Hislop and Prescott’s tense exchanges.


Jack Dee’s Election Helpdesk
Mondays, 10pm
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Based on the format of one of his live shows, a panel of comedians try to ‘help’ people with their election quandaries.

Charlie Brooker’s Election Wipe
Date TBC
60 minute pre-election special of Weekly Wipe, promising to “bring some much-needed confusion to the national debate”. With Philomena Cunk, Barry Shitpeas and Morgana Robinson. Hopefully we’ll get a few moments of wonder from the campaign…

Rory Bremner’s Election Report
Date TBC
30 minute post-election special. Probably similar to his recent Coalition Report programme.

BBC Radio 4

The Vote Now Show
Wednesday, Friday, 11pm
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The Now Show team are on twice a week with late night specials – first episode was on Friday. Highlights include Jon Holmes trying to find out who will win the election with help (or lack of) from pollsters, analysers, psychics and a cat.

Dead Ringers
Friday, 6:30pm
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Usual impression based silliness and prank calls. There’s two episodes to listen to now, with David Cameron being interviewed the political heavyweight that is Sooty. The Nigel Farage and Natalie Bennett impressions are particularly good.

BBC iPlayer

Frankie Boyle’s Election Autopsy
17th May, iPlayer
Remember after the independence referendum, Frankie Boyle had a special on iPlayer where he basically got a bit angry about it all? Last time it was a mix of comedy and actual debate over issues, and it’s the same form for this.


Wednesdays, 9pm
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Topical sketch comedy stuff. You know when ITV attempts topical comedy, everyone goes ‘It could be the new Spitting Image’ but it turns out that’s kind of hard to live up to. Anyway, impressions plus puppetry plus weird CG mouths. Your milage may vary.

Channel 4

The Last Leg
Thursdays, 9pm
New series starts this week with three election specials. Unfortunately the first episode has Piers Morgan as a guest, but likely to be made up for with Paxman on week two. It looks like it’s culminating with an election night special.

They did a fantastic Nick Clegg interview and are clued up on what’s going on – personally it’s one of the best UK satire shows around right now.

Ballot Monkeys
Tuesdays, 10pm
New series from duo behind the fantastic Drop the Dead Donkey. It’s set on the election battle buses, with the tagline ‘Political comedy so topical it hasn’t been written yet’.


The Vote
Election Night, 9pm
Not strictly a comedy but it’s worth a mention. Play from the writer of Coalition, which will be shown on the stage for two weeks before it’s performed live on election night. Based around what happens at polling stations.

Absolute Radio

The Alternative Vote
Fridays, 7pm
Listen to the podcast
Matt Forde hosts a panel show where comedians put forward their manifestos for the country.

Also on Absolute Radio, Geoff Lloyd has been doing some entertaining interviews with the big politicians – and while it’s the Miliband one that hit the headlines, watch the first 15 seconds of the William Hague interview.


Dave’s Election Night Special
Election night, 10pm
No, really. Dave are doing a special. 90 minute film with exclusive access to Al Murray’s FUKP campaign.

Sky Atlantic

Last Week Tonight with John Oliver
This is more an honorable mention than anything. As ever, they’ll cover whatever they want to on this show – but there’s already been a small segment on the UK elections. I wouldn’t be surprised if it comes up on a few more occasions. Plus, you should probably be watching it anyway.

If there’s anything missing, let me know and I’ll add it – @jonathanex

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