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I produce a weekly radio show on Siren FM that’s a celebration of gadgets, games and all things geek. It’s called Connected, you can find out more about it here, but broadly it’s a mix of the latest news, interviews, original features, a bit of the serious and the silly, alongside a soundtrack consisting of music we love from games and music we just love anyway.

We’re currently planning for starting year two on the show, so we thought we’d just open things up.

If you’re an indie developer wanting to show off your game, if you’re in PR and have something relevant or if you just want to throw our way – the email is So tip offs, news stories, press releases, whatever really… we’d love to hear it. And particularly if you’ve got anything geeky and musical, game soundtracks and more, we’re always looking for new stuff to play.

It’s a bit of an experiment, there’s no guarantee we’ll pick up or use anything from it but we’ll be looking at it and if there’s something good we may just run with it.

So yes. Pitch! Throw! That would be nice. Thank you!

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