Review: SimCity


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Estimated load time: minutes

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109 Responses to Review: SimCity

  1. Eric says:

    Without a doubt, the best SimCity review I’ve read so far.

  2. Anthony says:

    best review I’ve read of the game yet!

  3. Lexihel says:

    Great. Now I don’t have to spend $60 to play it! Thanks man! It’s been 39 minutes of pure fun!

  4. creeperPuncher says:

    Took me a few minutes to get it… then I lol’d.

  5. Hello internets, this is Bob! says:

    “Connecting to review
    Estimated load time: 93 minutes”


  6. Sims 3 says:

    Estimated load time 111 minutes?lol 111 is a nice number

  7. GGMU = Goblok Goblok Man United says:

    for me is 118 minutes. That Sucks

  8. Jonathan says:

    Absolutely spot-on review. Great job.

  9. InvoxiPlayGames says:

    At least the load times are faster than SimCity.