After designing a bespoke page for Siren FM in the Radioplayer app, I was commissioned to make a new default page for all stations in the app.

The brief was to include elements from various projects shown in the webview week – larger images, displaying more metadata and get more people using the ‘drawer’ which allows favouriting and sharing.

The design was built to be responsive from small screens like on the HTC Wildfire, phones such as the iPhone and tablets. It has a modular design designed to be expandable for the station description getting information via a Javascript bridge, current show information for both live and on-demand shows (where available on the Search API) and Facebook widgets.

The app tracks how many times somebody has listened to a station, and the third time it shows a message prompting them to either favourite or share it. This message only shows three times to avoid bugging the user.

2013-03-05 15.17.30 2013-05-05 13.14.30 2013-05-05 13.15.18

The default webview is live in the Radioplayer app for iPhone and Android, on any station which has not designed their own.

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