Mobile-first news pilots

In 2011-2012, I designed and built trials for mobile-first news concepts – with short, easy to read bulletins designed based on the norms of mobile use and their apps.


ataglance was built for a University of Lincoln assessment alongside other students. I designed and built the website, with both a web version and a mobile version.


Several trial newsdays were ran of the site and they can be found at – and can be tried on desktop/mobile.

Features include touch carousels on mobile, keyboard control on the website, an account system with a bookmark/favourite system to allow recommendations and cross-device use.

The site was built on WordPress, with additional shortcodes and editing options being added to allow journalists to write stories in more interesting ways than just a block of text, including asides and factboxes – using custom shortcodes.

Olympic News Update

Later in 2012, lessons learnt from the original ataglance pilot inspired a new design concept for the mobile news service. Staying with short content, this version swapped the carousel for a scrolling layout closer to a feed – allowing for different lengths and styles of content within the word limit.


This version had a stronger responsive layout, focused for mobiles in both portrait and landscape as well as seven inch tablets. Rather than just a long website, iScroll was used to give a comfortable touch layout.

Trials were run during the 2012 Olympics, with a daily morning summary of the news. You can try it at

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