Creation Sensation

I created an interactive website for the primary school, Nettleham Junior, to encourage pupils to enjoy creative writing in a new way – as part of a project with C1 Media.

The Creation Sensation homepage.

The website needed to have various sections to showcase the work – ranging from podcasts to pictures, and so the site was split in to 6 ‘areas’ – each with an original illustration and unique look to the section based on the content there.

The brief involved being as un-corporate as possible, so cartoon drawings and colours are used over the site. The biggest section is the Comic Maker, where you can pick from a few templates, type in the text and download an original comic.

The sections and the content is tied in with in-class activities, and through WordPress and how it has been set up pupils can work from home and teachers approve content – using various hooks to make it as easy as possible for young people to use.

View it at

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